All warranties are subject to the property owner carrying out general maintenance on their project to ensure all applications carried out by us are kept to a reasonable standard.

We carry a limited 5-year warranty against peeling or delaminating caused by any defect during application. We will make an effort in good faith to promptly correct any defect. We take pride in our work, as our reputation is everything.

Warranty exclusions:

  • Defects caused by alteration or modification of any kind
  • Abuse, misuse, neglect or any accidents
  • Cracking in the underlying concrete
  • Harsh chemicals such as battery acid, brake fluid, paint thinner etc.

No warranties will be given until full payment is made and/or if curing times listed below are not strictly adhered to.

Following completion the manufacturer recommends the following curing times:

  • 1 Day for light foot traffic
  • 7 Days for heavy traffic i.e. cars
  • 14 Days for heavy machinery i.e. forklifts, trucks, etc.
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